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Mike Mizanin
13 September 2008 @ 11:04 pm
I am what you would call a reality TV junkie. Taking part is Real World: back to NY, Real World vs Road Rules, Battle of the Network Reality Stars, and I was the runner up in the one of the past Tough Enough challenges. I lost Tough Enough to Daniel Puder. I'm glad I didn't win because he's now on MMA,He is now famous for dating Brooke and being on MMA the last I heard. I only wanted to be apart of WWE and not be some MMA guy but I am sure Dan is happy.

Before I was put on SmackDown, I was working in dark matches. Each time I work another dark match I get more excited about the prospect of finally getting to use me talent. It's something I have wanted to do for most of my life. Since the first time I seen a WWE event live. I mean I loved it when I seen it on television but being there live just made it that much better.

Within a couple of months of being in WWE I became the host of the annual Diva Search, along with Ashley Massaro. When I was on Raw for it I ended up messing up my lines. Hey.. I was nervous, it happens to the best of us. Shortly after that I became the butt of on-air jokes by other superstars.

I was drafted to from SmackDown to ECW in June. I was paired up with Extreme Expose and that's how I became the "chick magnet". I was a very lucky guy to be accompained to the ring by three beautiful ladies, and it was fun while it lasted. Now i'm half of the WWE Tag Team Champions with John. This is my first title and i'm enjoying everything.

My love life well I am single but I dated one girl who I won't exploit as Wikipedia already have done that but I met her when I was in Real World.

and for those wondering why I finally decided to get one of these things A beautiful young woman,Brooke, did ask me to get one of these journals ages ago and I completely forgot until now, Only because I am sleeping on the couch until my place is all set up. I did see two other stunning women was around too so Barbie and Layla you better be nice to me otherwise I will have to annoy you both more.

Anyway come and find me if you want to talk.

Keep on rockin'
Mike "The Miz" Mizanin